Ro James Throws The Party Of The Year In 'Already Knew That'


Ro James is back with a music video for the follow-up to his smash “Permission” for ELDORADO track “Already Knew That.” As sexy as the song is, James switches it up on us and decides not to take us to the boudoir. Instead, Ro invites you to be a fly on the wall at a house party. And not just any house party, but one with famous faces like Luke James and Leah LaBelle in the crowd.

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With scenes being filmed like they’re snapshots of time, rather than strategically lip-synced to the track, James’ creative point of view makes us feel like we’re witnessing his crew take selfies as they mug for the camera. Another creative effect is the use of multiple film grains and filters, creating the feel of flashbacks to some very fun candid moments. Equipped with red cups aplenty, non-stop smoking, a slew of baddies and some rooftop antics, we’re transported to the social event of the summer.

We’re digging Ro James’ new feel-good video,  but you guys probably “Already Knew That,” huh?

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