Jamila Woods Salutes The ‘Blk Girl Soldier’ In New Video


We’ve been in love with Jamila Woods“Blk Girl Soldier” since she first dropped it back in January. Who could blame us? This powerful, thought-provoking anthem honors and celebrates #BlackGirlMagic at a time when we need it most. Less than a day into her win, the newly-crowned Miss USA Deshauna Barber faced all types of racist backlash after winning the crown. So at times like these when the world shows how ugly a place it can be, it is good to be reminded about the strength, resilience, and beauty found in black women.

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For the video, Woods keeps the celebratory feeling going with this beautifully simple look at #BlackGirlMagic personified. Through much of the video, we see her flanked by two young girls who dance their hearts out to lyrics such as “But what they don’t understand / she don’t give up.” It is at once a celebration of our history while also looking towards the future, perfectly capturing Woods’ intent. It is hard to watch this video and not feel ready to take on the world or at least appreciate black women’s place in it.

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