DAWN Brings Intergalactic Drama In 'Not Above That' Music Video


D∆WN has done it again, ladies and gentlemen. For her latest music video for the song “Not Above That” she thrusts us not only into outer space, but she dares to venture into the latest craze of virtual reality.

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This isn’t the first time D∆WN has pushed past the limits of current pop culture. She has consistently and bravely gone down the path less traveled. That path appears to lean towards a more digital approach with her music, as the latest projects have each been rooted in a fusion of R&B and EDM. It’s no wonder that her approach to her visuals have had a similar shift. The result of expanding your brand in a digital world? A visual complete with spaceships, dance sequences featuring holograms and a universe specifically curated for and by D∆WN herself, along with her director and creative partner Monty Marsh.

For the visual, D∆WN partnered with the start-up production company VR Playhouse (headquartered out of a converted liquor store in Los Angeles) to create a complete CGI experience for her fans. It opens with us on a spaceship where D∆WN seems to be welcoming us to her world with every line of the song. Next, we are transported through a wormhole of sorts, filled with clashing colors and geometric shapes aplenty. D∆WN appears to be leading a dance sequence with her space homegirls in the distance, just along the spaceships’ border with the planetscape steadily transitioning into something new in the background.

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We salute D∆WN for her groundbreaking moves and are thirsty for more. The video itself may appear pretty static for those of us without a medium to watch 3D or VR videos, but not to worry, D∆WN‘s got you covered there, too. She also shot a 2D video with the production company, slated for release later this summer. Until then, grab your Samsung Gear VR and blast away! While we impatiently wait like kids for Christmas day on a release date for her album, RED*emp*tion, go cop your copy of “Not Above That” on iTunes now.

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