Kitty Cash Introduces Us To St. Beauty's 'Holographic Lover'


Kitty Cash is prepping the third and (*tear*) final installment of her Love The Free mixtape series. We've come to look to the annual release to bring us some of the best in left-of-center R&B and hip hop, so you can see why we're sad to see it coming to an end. However, Kitty is going out with a bang and proved so with the first leak from the tape, a "Big Poppa"-fied remix of Lion Babe's 'Jungle Lady." The next release from the set, however, is something entirely new and it comes by way of the Wondaland-representing folksy R&B duo St. Beauty and their new song "Holographic Lover."

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The duo, consisting of Alex Belle and Isis Valentino, deliver a sweet love song that expands on the sound we heard in the group's first single, "Going Nowhere." Like "Nowhere," the production here is fairly simple: hi-hats sound off as a heavy kick drum adds just the right amount bump as heavy-bottomed bass line provides most of the song's most of the song's instrumentation. The stripped approach allows the ladies' voices to shine. While singing the verses, which weave a tale of love that is sudden and incomparable, the ladies' voices are clear and lovely. However, it's the harmonies on the chorus that really make this sing (no pun intended). Alex and Isis' voices love each other and play well together, creating an angelic sound when they link up that is simply beautiful.

Kitty Cash's Love The Free mixtape still doesn't have a firm release date, but we do know that we can expect it this coming June. As for St. Beauty, you can catch the ladies enchanting the audience in NOLA at this summer's ESSENCE Music Festival. In the meantime, luxuriate in the beauty of "Holographic Lover" right here.

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