Kindred The Family Soul Show It Takes A Village In 'All My People'


Kindred the Family Soul take us to the streets of South Philly in the music video for their song "All My People." Our favorite husband and wife duo, Aja and Fatin Dantzler, play supporting roles in these visuals. Director Dui Jarrod's camera follows three youngsters through their daily activities and we see people in the community either protecting them, disciplining them or helping them out.

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Whether it's the barbershop owner played by Freeway, who also contributes a verse to the song, who steps in when a client gets fresh with the teenage girl or Aja who yokes up the younger girl when she sees her shoplifting in a thrift store and pays for her items, this video shows that we're all in this together and each one can reach one. While the two girl children are going through their dramatic scenes,  the teenage boy is on the sidewalk playing his saxophone for passerby. Fatin strolls up, daps him up, listens to him play and then drops some cash in his jar.

At the end of the video we learn that the three kids are all siblings when the boy comes home with a surprise for his sisters and they all dance their cares away. This video treatment really brings the song's lyric, "I want all my people around me / Everybody livin' good / Everybody eatin' good / Everybody chillin'," to life with a touching twist.

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