Kaytranada Shows Us How To Move In 'Lite Spots'


We've been riding for Kaytranada since day one, so you already know that his debut 99.9% has been bumping through the halls of SBHQ like nobody's business. The producer knows his way around the boards, and it shows quite nicely on the album. The set has been light on the visual front, but it looks like that's going to change. After delivering a visual for the album's lead single "Glowed Up," he returns with a clip for the instrumental jam "Lite Spots" and it's sure to get you moving while also putting a smile on your face.

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Kaytra stars as a groove scientist who has just made his greatest creation: a robot. But it's not just any robot. This little guy can master any dance moves thrown at him. While giving the robot a crash course in the art of dance, we get to see some smooth moves from the producer himself. Who knew the Canadian import could throw down on the floor like that? We also get a magical tour of the streets of Los Angeles as the twosome make their way around town, picking up a few new moves along the way. But then the robot encounters a pop-locker whose moves it cannot emulate, which sends it running for the hills. Not to worry though, as Kaytranada reels him back in to let him know that it's OK. Awww!

Be ready to bust out a few of your own moves when you check out the clip for the Gal Costa-sampling "Lite Spots" right here.

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