Feel The Throwback Vibes Of Lion Babe & Angel Haze's 'Jungle Lady Remix'


Lion Babe's debut album Begin hasn't left the rotation here at SBHQ, but we're not the kind of folks to turn down even more material from the talented duo. Thankfully, our main chick Kitty Cash has just that for us in advance of her next — and sadly last — installment of her Love The Free mixtape series. The lead track from what's sure to be a fire set of songs is a remix of LB's sensual single "Jungle Lady," and it features the rhyme skills of rapper Angel Haze to help set it off right.

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Producer Devin Christian takes the already sexy song and pairs the lead vocals with a flip of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa" (along with incorporating a bit of the original Isley Brothers' source material, "Between the Sheets"). What results is a slinky, hip hop-tinged track that will have you nodding your head like it's 1994 all over again. Angel Haze makes it even more like the mid-'90s with a Biggie-inspired hot 16 that's the perfect mix of hard and soft, especially when the rapper taps into her oft-overlooked vocals to serenade us.

There's no exact release date for Love The Free Pt. III, but if its rollout is anything like previous editions, we're sure to get a few choice tracks before then. While we wait on more info, check out the remix of "Jungle Lady" below.

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