You Won't Regret Taking A 'Chance' With Nicholas Ryan Gant


In just two short weeks, we'll finally have our hands on Nicholas Ryan Gant's upcoming EP MAZE. We've been jamming the set's first single "Everything" and love its colorful video. But you can never have too much NRG, and the singer/songwriter gives us another listen of the set with "Chance."

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While "Everything" was all about the joy of finding the love you always wanted, "Chance" is about falling in love with yourself and your life. Producer Kriswontwo lays down a slightly tropical sound for this one, using a lilting guitar and plucky synths to help illustrate the song's optimistic attitude. Meanwhile, on the lyrical side of things, Nicholas urges the listener to start living life, reminding us on the chorus, "Everyday you wake up / Is another chance to do your dance / Take a chance on you." He doubles down on the positivity in the verses as he names subjects and situations that might have been less than ideal for him that he was able to spin into positive outcomes in the long haul (and, quite honestly, we're quite glad that NRG went with his love of music, as we can't imagine a world without him sangin' like he's known to do).

Get a little inspiration when you listen to "Chance" right here and make sure to mark your calendars for MAZE's release on April 1st.

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