Mali Music & Jhené Aiko Combine Music With A Message On 'Contradiction'


GRAMMY-nominated singer Mali Music believes that music videos can still be poignant and have a strong message. With his latest song, "Contradiction" featuring Jhené Aiko, he puts that belief into action in a smart and engaging clip. A cut off Spike Lee's Chi-raq soundtrack, it’s not surprising that the song and video has a message. However, Mali and Jhené have collaborated on a project that gets its message across without being as heavy handed as previous singles or the movie itself for that matter.

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The Davis Silis-directed clip opens with scenes from Chicago, moving from the grand city scape to the neighborhoods blighted by violence, with graffiti declaring “Spray Paint, Not Bullets,” along with shots of young people standing resolute. We soon see some of these same people at a late night chill spot with Mali and Jhené wining, grinding and generally having a good time. Such a good time in fact, they don’t even seem to notice that some of the party people begin to fade away and turn into chalk lines, as people are numb to the violence while looking to find their own escape. Or as Mali puts it, “...people can quickly disappear from our lives [that] we just move on without missing a beat..”

The visual for "Contradiction" is an awesome music video that uses creative means instead of heavy handed preaching to deliver a message that resonates. We encourage you to get into the groove with Mali and Jhené and check it out.

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