Anna Wise Makes A Much-Needed Statement With 'B***hSlut'


Today marks International Women's Day, and though major strides have been made, it's also a reminder that we have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality. Slut-shaming is one way that society works against women and celebs like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have even clapped back at oppressive societal norms that shame women for expressing their sexuality. You can now add newly solo Sonnymoon singer Anna Wise to that list. She comes for patriarchy's throat with "B***hSlut," her follow up to her EP's lead single "Precious Possession."

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"So they're calling you a b***h, calling you a slut / 'Cause you dress up, 'cause you dress down / 'Cause you said "no," cause you slept around," she raps at the song's start, pointing out the irrational logic behind the insults hurled at women in nearly any situation. She then goes on to let namecallers know that she knows the game. "If I say 'no' I'm a b***h, If I say 'yes' I'm a slut," she sings on the chorus, pointing out that it's a no-win situation. For the track's visual, instead of hitting us over the head with the song's message, Anna opts to show herself being carefree. We see her swimming in a two-piece bathing suit, frolicking in the sun and laying around in bed as she delivers the defiant lyrics with sunglasses and a smile.

"B***hSlut" and "Precious Possession" will both be available on Anna's debut EP, which is set to drop this year. Check out Anna's self-directed video for "B***hSlut" right here.

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