Teyana Taylor Gets Hands On With 'Touch Me'


Teyana Taylor might be a new mommy, but that doesn't mean she's taking any breaks. After showing that she has a post-pregnancy snapback game that puts most women to shame, Teyana gets back to the music with a clip for "Touch Me." The steamy interlude was featured on her recent mixtape, The Cassette Tape 1994, and is definitely one that get the mood right. She doubles down on the sexy for the steamy visuals.

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With her and her dancers decked out in revealing camo-inspired, she keeps things simple as the ladies roll and grind in front of a brick wall. But they start the track with a sample of Grace Jones' famous restaurant speech from 1992 comedy classic Boomerang. Why Teyana & Co. decided to do a sort of interpretive dance to the words is anyone's guess, but after that bit of oddness, things get down to business. "Come f**k me, babe," Teyana sings seductively as she and her dancer wind and grind for the camera. Speaking of cameras, Teyana stretches her wings here by getting behind the camera to act as the video's co-director. We see you, T!

While we love what she did with the mixtape and on her debut album VII, we can't wait to see what TT brings in her next incarnation. In the meantime and in-between time, you can see Teyana getting sexed up in "Touch Me" right here.

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