James Fauntleroy & Emma Rena Teach Us 'How To Survive In A World'


While there's still no sign of an LP, James Fauntleroy has dropped yet another loosie for our listening pleasure. This time we get a unique ditty featuring Emma Rena who plays beautiful assist on the new track "How to Survive In a World." When you press play, you're met with a '70s-inspired bass that brings a dark energy to the single. To lighten things up a tad, James sings atop of the muffled beat with his signature, effortless vocals. "It's a matter of life or death / Without my heart inside my chest / I'll die," he sings matter-of-factly.

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And then at the 80-second mark, as if someone flipped a switch, the song transitions into a new world dominated by Emma, who instantly brings her feminine, satin vibe to what started off as a hard track. Supported by synth and a subtle beat, Emma's voice is the star of the show as we follow her wherever she wants to take us. Switching gears -- or tracks -- again, the last 30 seconds of the single are what award-winning cinematic soundtracks are made of. With a beautiful orchestra ruled by violins and dramatic percussion beating over the harmonies, we're pretty sure your pulse will too increase as you keep listening to the unexpected end of the song.

Winding us through several emotions with one track had to be James' goal, and if that was the case he accomplished it. 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for the GRAMMY Award-winning artist. We recently saw James collaborating with Gallant for his "Borderline," and before that he dropped "Fuc Shi Tup," another single to add to his musical marathon. Fauntleroy continues to keep us on our musical toes, and we're not sure where the road will lead next but we're hoping to get there with him. Listen to "How to Survive In a World" right here, and if you've missed any of his other loosies, skip on over to his SoundCloud.

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