Erica Campbell, Big Shiz & Yazz Show How Much They ‘Luh God’ At Celebration Of Gospel 2016

Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Erica Campbell has been extolling the virtues of trap gospel for a while with her single “I Luh God.” Not everyone at SBHQ gets the song’s appeal, but it’s seemed to catch on and spread the message of God to a newer generation of gospel listeners, so who are we to judge? To that effect, Erica brought the song to this year’s Celebration of Gospel stage to show both the old and new school worshipers alike a new way to proclaim your love for the Almighty.

Wearing sparkly pants and a gold jacket, Erica got her ratchet on alongside collaborator Big Shiz and DJ Mal-Ski as she spit her reasons for loving G-O-D. It looked as if the crowd was into it, with many in the audience getting crunk for Jesus when the camera came their way. Still, it was a relatively quiet crowd. That is, until surprise guest Yazz, best known for playing the impetuous Hakeem on Empire, walked his way to the stage for his cameo. His tux was an odd choice seeing as Erica and Shiz were in their urbanwear finest, but his presence did amp everything up (though he stumbled through his verse a bit). By performance’s end, it was obvious that, whether you were a fan of the song or not, at least some fun was brought to the stage and maybe even someone in the audience at home was ministered to.

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Check out Erica, Shiz and Yazz putting on for Jesus below.

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