Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best EPs & Mixtapes Of 2015


Is it just us, or are EPs and mixtapes becoming the new album? Rather than give us traditional projects, it seems that acts just starting out as well as our favorite artists are more content to give us their brilliance in shorter, more potent bursts these days and, quite honestly, we can’t say we’re too mad. The format even got elevated last year, with some mixtapes and EPs far exceeding the quality of the albums that would come after (or never showed up at all, #NoTeaNoShade). There was a veritable cornucopia of great releases from some of our faves and newbies in 2015, making the choices that much more difficult, but we’ve manage to separate the wheat from the chaff and present the best of the best to you right here with our Hot 16 list of SoulBounce's Best EPs & Mixtapes Of 2015. Click on to see what projects made our cut!

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