The Internet's Syd Tha Kyd Wants You To 'Smile More'


Usually when people tell us to "smile more," we get a little miffed but such is not the case in the latest single by The Internet's frontwoman Syd Tha Kyd. The vocalist just released a solo effort, "Smile More," which is a slow-tempo track you can use to woo just about anyone you play it for. On top of calming instrumentals, Syd sings "I think it's time I turn these lights low / Turn these lights off / Turn these lights off / Second thought, leave them on." Whatever she's planning on getting into, we're here for it and finally a decision is made in the screwed chorus, which begs her to leave the lights on. The jam is easy, breezy and sultry as we hear Syd complimenting her chemistry with her significant other.

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Speaking of chemistry, while we admire Syd's solo situation, the single isn't too far off from The Internet's already established style and vibe. You can hear more from Syd on her SoundCloud or listen to The Internet's latest album Ego Death for an extra fix of the vocalist. Press play on "Smile More," and let us know if the track sets the right mood for your situationships.

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