Phony Ppl Take The Night In 'Why iii Love The Moon'


Phony Ppl helped kick off our year with their release of their album Yesterday's Tomorrow, so it's only right that they help us end the year as well. To that point, the Phonies have finally released a video for their beloved track "Why iii Love The Moon." The song, which also dropped in January, finds the group's lead vocalist Elbie Thrie serenading the celestial body because of its constant presence, unlike the unreliably fickle human population of the world. Meanwhile, resident rapper Sheriff PJ kicks a dope verse about self reliance in the face of love's uncertainty.

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While the song is all about the lunar love blues, the video is full of good times. Lensed by creative collective Dawn of Man, the clip captures the Phony crew in their natural habitat of Brooklyn as they ride around and have a little fun in the nighttime hours. Along the way, we get shots of the guys standing in front of walls with vibrant images being projected on them (and if you pay close attention, you'll spy a random band member or two in the projections). We also get a few close ups of Elbie and PJ as they deliver their verses. But, as with most things Phony Ppl, it's really all about the fun being had by the crew and their brotherly bond, which is on full display here.

You can check out the clip for "Why iii Love The Moon" right here. As well, if you haven't already, cash in your year's worth of late passes and pick up Yesterday's Tomorrow, which is available now.

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