August Alsina Makes It Through The Rain & His Pain In 'Song Cry'


Although he's at odds with his record company right now, August Alsina's sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, was released by Def Jam today, and they took it a step further and dropped a music video for the single "Song Cry."

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In the visuals directed by Payne Lindsey, we find August in a bad way pushing his motorcycle on a deserted road after it breaks down. He's tired, busted and disgusted as the song starts playing, and he begins to sing and take a drag off his cigarette to ease his mind. Alsina soon finds his way to a sketchy looking motel and decides to check in. Will he check out is the real question here, when we later see him in his room sitting on the bed as rose petals fall from the ceiling to surround him, which he lays on in a white suit, and there's a glimpse of him in a coffin. But fear not because August isn't going anywhere. Instead, he writes a goodbye letter to Fear, Hurt, Defeat, Pain, Pride, Jealousy, Guilt, Hate and Negativity, sets the coffin on fire and proceeds to sing through his pain and a rainstorm. Scenes of a ballerina dancing in the rain and of both crying tears of blood are also in the clip.

There's a lot going on in this video, but there's also a lot going on in August Alsina's real life according to "Song Cry." Take a look at this very intriguing music video right here, then be sure to take a listen to This Thing Called Life, available everywhere now.

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