Mya Prepares To Take Us To ‘Planet 9’ With ‘Welcome To My World’


Mya‘s back? It looks like it. With a year full of comebacks and returns, Miss Harrison is the latest in a long line of artists vying for another turn in the spotlight. She does so with the announce of her upcoming new album, Planet 9, and the set’s first single, “Welcome To My World.”

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While Mya is typically known for upbeat dance numbers, she opts for a more laid-back feel this go ’round. “Welcome To My World” is built upon decidedly ’90s-feeling production that features keys backed by programmed hip hop drums and a few other dreamy flourishes. Over that backdrop, Mya sings to a suitor who’s trying to get closer to the DC native. She makes sure to indicate that, if he plays his cards right, she’ll be the ride or die that he needs in his life. But she also makes sure to shout our her own indie label (which also happens to be named Planet 9), her hometown and the places that her career has taken her (Waikiki and Abu Dhabi make the shortlist).

Is “Welcome To My World” an impressive return for the singer? Not really. However, as a single, she could do a lot worse. The song has a nice vibe to it and makes for a pretty decent listen. Give “Welcome To My World” a spin below and let us know if you looking forward to Mya’s Planet 9.

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