GoldLink's 'Spectrum' Is On The Right Wavelength


After a brief hiatus, GoldLink is back in full force with his new single “Spectrum.” The track is the second song released from his upcoming album And After That, We Didn’t Talk, slated to drop November 13th. “Spectrum” is the perfect mix of dance floor vibes and GoldLink’s roller coaster lyrical prowess. The track was produced by Louie Lastic, the musical genius behind the “future bounce” sound that has contributed to making GoldLink such a unique and unstoppable force in the current music industry.

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The DMV rapper has been bringing a new style to Southern rap since he debuted in 2014, spitting at a BPM that’s way higher than the current industry standard. His deeply personal lyrics set against his fast-paced, bouncy beats bring a new dimension to hip hop. This duality is apparent on “Spectrum.” The track interweaves a sample from Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch” with a beat that stays true to GoldLink’s sound. The multidimensional bass, interlocking hits on the high hats and rhythm work on the synth give this track an electronica core while GoldLink raps about his trust issues with women and learning to do things for himself.

Much of GoldLink’s work on his last EP, The God Complex, was intertwined with nostalgic hip hop and R&B samples. While both “Spectrum” and “Dance On Me” use samples from songs produced by the legendary Elliott, hopefully And After That, We Didn’t Talk will deliver more totally original content. We'll see what surprises his debut album holds when And After That, We Didn’t Talk drops on November 13th on the Soulection label. In the meantime, catch GoldLink on his North American Tour and keep up with his music and moves on his website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and new Instagram page.

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