Chris McClenney Has Something To ‘Tell’


While everyone seems to be worried about the state of R&B, we look to those presently holding the torch quite well and the new generation looking to carry it even further. One future torch bearer is Chris McClenney. We just recently featured Chris’ remix of the Sango and SPZRKT joint “How Do You Love Me,” and we’d be remiss if we didn’t shine a light on the talented newcomer’s own single, “Tell Me.”

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The musician, producer and singer, who is also part of the Soulection crew, has crafted a surefire R&B winner with “Tell Me.” The song might seem simple at first listen, but it’s anything but. He layers sunny piano with a thick bass line and the slightest hint of synth, giving the track a wholly organic feel. His vocal here, while not the melisma-filled falsetto we’re used to hearing in most current male R&B offerings, is endearing and inviting. Not that he doesn’t slip into a higher register here and there. However, when he does, it’s purposeful and not just there for ornamentation. As he weaves his cute love letter to the apple of his eye, the listener can’t help but be charmed by the talented and soulful young crooner.

For some reason, Chris is offering this certifiable jam as a freebie on his SoundCloud profile, where you can also find a few other choice cuts from the up-and-comer. But before you head over there, pour yourself an iced tea and enjoy some of the year’s last remaining warm days to the laid-back tune of “Tell Me” right here.

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