The Foreign Exchange Go To Work In ‘Asking For A Friend’


With the impending release of The Foreign Exchange‘s new album, Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey, on August 21st, anticipation for the project has been at an all-time high. From the collection’s title to the fabulousity of the album cover, fans don’t know what to expect from the group that always switches it up and keeps people guessing from one album to the next. Well, with the release of “Asking For a Friend,” the first single and video from the project, it’s safe to say that The Foreign Exchange are ready to party — or, better yet, go to work.

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Press play on “Asking For a Friend” and you’re greeted with cymbals, percussion and a four-on-the-floor house beat provided by producers Nicolay and Zo!, who shares production duties for the first time with his +FE Music brothers on a Foreign Exchange album. Once the rhythm quickly gets you grooving, the steady, infectious chant of the word “work” in the background will get you in a trance. The intro is reminiscent of deep house classics such as LNR‘s “Work It To the Bone” or  Raze‘s “Break 4 Love,” then Phonte drops in and delivers his spoken lyrics about his oh-so-busy work life with a faux-British accent along the lines of Rockwell‘s in “Somebody’s Watching Me.” It’s an over-the-top throwback moment that will have you giggling and grooving at the same damn time. The ladies of The Foreign Exchange, Carmen Rodgers and Tamisha Waden, join the festivities on the catchy chorus and really set it off on the left with their harmonies. It’s awesome to hear The Foreign Exchange throw their hat into the ring during this house music revival that’s happening now. Those Disclosure fellas can’t have all the fun, now can they?

The music video for “Asking For a Friend” is equally entertaining and will bring a grin to the faces of those viewing as they watch Nic and Phonte act like the bosses they are in an office setting with the rest of the +FE family as employees. However, this isn’t any old job, as Tay is liable to break out the brown liquor and some mean dance moves in the hallway in the middle of the workday. He whisks another co-worker off the elevator and she joins him to cut a rug down the hall before their outfits and the location change. They transition to walking down the street and decide to drop into an exercise studio where all their co-workers from the job are working it out. Nicolay’s real-life wife Aimee Flint leads the exercise class while Phonte slides through in his three-piece suit and admires Heather Victoria‘s assets. The scenes switch back and forth from the office to the exercise studio, and there’s lots of dancing and shenanigans courtesy of Phonte and his hilarious facial expressions and actions on display. These Kenneth Price-directed visuals are so much fun to go along with the vibe of the song. Not that there was any doubt, but The Foreign Exchange have done it again.

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Give your index finger a good workout by pressing play on “Asking For a Friend” right here to your heart’s content. While you’re at it, pre-order Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey directly from +FE Music, and cop “Asking For a Friend”/”On a Day Like Today (Re-Edit)” on Amazon or iTunes right now.

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