Omarion Links 'Up' With Kid Ink & French Montana For New Video


Omarion is still flying high off of the smash hit success of his single "Post To Be." And what would be the best way to celebrate the surprise success of that particular track? Throwing a pool party, of course. That's exactly what the former B2K-er does in the video for his latest single, "I'm Up."

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Channeling a bit of 2Pac's "I Get Around" video, Omarion and his cohorts Kid Ink and French Montana surround themselves with a gaggle of scantily clad women clinging all over them. While we wish we could say that the trio brings something fresh to a tired trope that's been going on since at least the early '90s (if not even earlier than that), outside of the brands of champagne and strategically placed emojis, it's the same old visual done once again.

Sadly, the same can be said of "I'm Up" as a song. It sounds almost exactly like "Post to Be," right down to the simple, Casio-like beat and Omarion's monotone vocal delivery. Paired with throwaway raps from Ink and French, and it's all quite a boring affair. But if "Post To Be" can take off, we're sure this could too (though it does lack a memorable line like "gotta eat the booty like groceries," so there's that). Perhaps it will inspire fans to run out and buy Reasons, O's new album which will hit stores on October 23rd. While you prepare for that gem, get an eyeful of "I'm Up" right here.

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