Carmen Rodgers & Anthony David Get High On Love In 'Charge'


When we premiered "Charge," Carmen Rodgers' steamy duet with Anthony David, back in February, we knew the dreamy ballad would translate well to the visual medium. And, well, we were right. Nearly six months later, we now have the video for our viewing pleasure.

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For the clip, Carmen and Anthony get up close and personal as they play a couple lounging around in each other's company while enjoying a relaxing day at home. While that might seem like something very humdrum, it's made electrifying in the clip due mostly to the pair's magnetic chemistry (which is sure to spark some "are they or aren't they?" questions about the two). Adding to that allure are the intimate, dimly lit scenes between the two shot from the shoulders up, making it seem as if the pair might be getting to know each other quite well — if you catch our drift. Other than that, the clip is all about the easy intimacy between the couple, something that we all hope for in our relationships.

"Charge" is lifted from Carmen's most recent album, Stargazer, which is one of our favorites of this year. Take a peek at the clip below and, if you haven't already, pick up your copy of Stargazer now.

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