Brayton Bowman Wants Some 'Play' Time


With consistent offerings from SB faves like Tuxedo, Lion Babe and Hans Island (to name a few), it's safe to say that 2015 has been a year filled with stellar producer/singer pairings. One such duo that has been slaying as of late is Bounce-Worthy Brayton Bowman and musical Renaissance man MNEK. Their personal and professional chemistry is so incredible, it's hard to believe that they only met one year ago. Thankfully, the two wasted no time getting to work in the studio, wowing us with "Skin Deep," "Baby One More Time (Refix)" and "Real." But their most recent collaboration, "Play Me," takes things to the next level.

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One of the things we love so much about Mr. Bowman is his "open book" style of songwriting. Covering every topic from heartbreak to friendship, there's an edge of realness in his songs made ever more potent by his amazing vocals and the genuineness of his delivery. However, he steps aside and lets MNEK take over the writing duties here, and the result is something we've never heard from the singer before: a bonafide bedroom jam.

"Relax your senses, baby / I wanna see just how you do / I took the time to learn you / Now it's time to learn me, too." Brayton's smooth, yet commanding falsetto glides over the hazy synths and alluring harmonies of MNEK's production, gifting us with a slow-burning groove that is sure to generate some heat. It's so good, we can even forgive the musically overused "Spanish guitar" reference.

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Bowman says, "'Play Me' is the first song I have that I'm gonna actively recommend/insist you either have sex or smoke a spliff to. It's unavoidably flirtatious." Whether or not you're up for that particular challenge, we suggest you hit the play button right now. And be sure to get your copy of Here | Now follow-up The Update when it drops this Friday!

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