Let Dornik Take You On A 'Drive'


"Drive," Dornik’s lead single off of his upcoming self-titled debut album, is the epitome of a sultry, sensual groove. No matter your destination, “Drive” is the perfect cut to create a relaxing yet stimulated frame of mind. With a melodic guitar, pulsating drum beats and futuristic synths, the song is a heady blend of pop, electronica and R&B. Dornik’s airy falsetto glides seamlessly over the track, creating an aura vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson at his prime during the Off the Wall and Thriller eras.

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With lines like, “I want to hear you all night long,” and, “So take me back real slow, never ever take me home,” Dornik is passionate about cruising to a place of lyrical ecstasy. Reflecting the influences of D’Angelo, Prince and Maxwell, Dornik manages to make “Drive” refreshingly unique. Midwest dwellers will appreciate the song’s ballroom joint quality, while others will love its ability to create a feeling of perpetual bliss. Though the South London native claims an appreciation for various genres of music, “Drive” is pure soul.

Buckle up and let Dornik take you for a ride on "Drive," and prepare to make a stop at your nearest record store when his debut album, Dornik, is released on August 7th.

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