James Fauntleroy Surfaces With 'Broken Heart Broken Eyes'


James Fauntleroy continues to tease and taunt us with new music. While we’re sure the GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter is busy crafting songs like “James Joint” for Rihanna and hits for other artists, it’s no excuse for him to drop off gems like “Help” out of nowhere and then disappear without a trace. Today, we’ve lucked up on another potential heartbreaker from the multi-talented artist called “Broken Heart Broken Eyes.”

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On “Broken Heart Broken Eyes,” James is a bit "woe is me" about a relationship that has gone south. While his significant other has moved on, James isn’t finding the experience quite as easy, wondering, “If you really meant that, said goodbye / Wish that meant I could get back my sacrifice / Trying to figure out if I miss you now / If I could kiss you now, then I’d know.” The production is very reminiscent of his work on the Outer Limits project with India Shawn,  featuring distorted chords balanced by classical elements, such as a sparse piano. Shawn even makes an appearance on the track on background vocals.

James has delivered another haunting track that is uniquely him and extraordinarily awesome. While “Broken Heart Broken Eyes” does little to satiate our thirst for more music from the artist, it will have to do for now.

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