Tinashe Will Get You In Your Feelings On 'Cold Sweat'

Tinashe -cold-sweat-video-2015-2

Tinashe continues to push the envelope of creativity and expectations with each video off her debut album, Aquarius. While we’re used to seeing Tinashe dressed up like the diva-in-waiting she is, such as on “All Hands On Deck,” the singer has taken a stripped-down approach for her latest video, “Cold Sweat.”

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In the Stephen Garnett-directed clip, there are no multitudes of dancers, expensive sets, fabulous outfits or anyone smizing for their life. Instead, we are treated to a raw visual of a makeup free Tinashe thrashing around in distress in a pair of comfortable pajamas. Her pain is highlighted by subtle psychedelic visual effects that periodically morph her body or manipulate the screen. There are zero f**ks given in this clip as she pontificates about how "s**t is hella scummy" when you're trying to achieve your dreams.

On “Cold Sweat,” Tinashe takes us to school with a master class in performance and creativity. Graceful and nuanced, Tinashe and Stephen have crafted a visual performance that, while simple, is engaging from start to finish.

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