The Internet Has Just The 'Girl' For You


One of our favorite new bands hands down is The Internet. Fronted by Syd tha Kid and Matt Martians, the band made waves with their first two albums, Purple Naked Ladies and Feel Good. Now, they look to go even further with their upcoming set, Ego Death. Having already shared the slinky and sexy clip for the set's first single, "Special Affair," today the now-quintet breaks us off some more of the album with the single and video for "Girl."

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The song itself is a sensual banger. The slow-paced electro-groove meanders gingerly, the synth bass throbbing as the drums shuffle, while Syd delivers a seductively airy vocal. "Girl, they don't know your worth / Tell 'em you're my girl / And anything you want is yours," she coos, setting the mood up something lovely. As for the clip, the Internet crew goes spacy and psychedelic, with visuals of outer space and foreign worlds turning into lush green meadows and Technicolor skies. While that's all fine and good, both the song and video are all about this sparse groove, and that's quite alright with us.

With exactly a week to go to Ego Death's release on June 30th, we don't know if we can stand the wait. Luckily, we've got this particular "Girl" to keep us company until then. Check out the clip right here.

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