Musiq Soulchild Shines As pUrPlE wOnDaLuv & Brings 'Eternal Peace'


Last year Musiq Soulchild set the Internet ablaze after the revealed his hardcore persona, The Husel. Prior to that brief stint and Husel Music album release, he announced in 2012 that he would soon be venturing into independent music through his musical alter egos, which included The Husel and the more soulful pUrPlE wOnDaLuv. Well if the Auto-Tuned trap sound of The Husel wasn’t for you, we suggest you get into what the GRAMMY-nominated “Love” singer is offering up as he takes on the persona of pUrPlE wOnDaLuv.

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This week saw the quiet release of the initial Purple Wondaluv project and it’s a genre-bending and uplifting masterpiece of a project entitled tHe eTeRnAl pEaCe EP. This seven-track offering showcases the heart of who Musiq Soulchild (and his alter egos) really is. It begins with the empowering soul and rock-blending anthem “Time Is Now,” travels through a quiet café with jazzy numbers like “Live Your Love,” “Faith Your Fears” and “You Can Change” and never fails to come packed with powerful messages, especially on “Save Your Monster,” “Words Are Free” and “Bye And Gone.”wOnDaLuv is working overtime to remind you of the significance of who you are and what you have the power to accomplish, and it doesn’t hurt that the soundscapes that he is working with are sonically impressive.

Take a listen topUrPlE wOnDaLuv’s tHe eTeRnAl pEaCe EP via Spotify stream now, or even head over to iTunes or Musiq’s brand new official website to grab a copy of your own.

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