Miguel Reveals Collaborations With Lenny Kravitz & Kurupt On 'WILDHEART' Album Tracklist


Weeks after unveiling the revealing cover art for his upcoming third album -- and weeks before its release -- Miguel has shared the tracklist for WILDHEART, and it's equally alluring.

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Astute Miguel fans will notice that three of 11 songs on WILDHEART were previously released on his micro EP, nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee., in December of last year. Much like the song "Coffee (F**king)" featuring Wale, which was originally found on the EP and later became WILDHEART's first single, "NWA" (with an assist from rapper Kurupt) and "Hollywood Dreams" will find a new home on the upcoming collection. The remaining eight tracks retain their mystery with titles that range from simple ("Exit," "Flesh") to future hashtags ("...goingtohell"). We look forward to being surprised by Miguel's new soundscapes, and we're especially looking forward to hearing the final song on the album, "Face the Sun," that will feature OG heartthrob/fellow thirst trapper/musician extraordinaire Lenny Kravitz.

Take a gander at the tracklist for WILDHEART below, and make plans to pick it up when it's released on June 30th. If you need a reminder about what "NWA" and "Hollywood Dreams" sounded like previously, listen right here.

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Miguel WILDHEART tracklist

01. A Beautiful Exit
02. Exit
03. The Valley
04. Coffee feat. Wale
05. NWA feat. Kurupt
06. Waves
07. What’s Normal Anyway
08. Hollywood Dreams
09. Destinado a Morir
10. …goingtohell
11. Flesh
12. Leaves
13. Face the Sun feat. Lenny Kravitz

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