Mad Satta Takes Us Back With ‘Simpler Times’


Do you want more Mad Satta? Of course you do after we offered up the goods with the band’s song “Break Me Free.” Lucky for you, there’s plenty more where that came from. The New York-based group is prepping the release of their Break Me Free EP, but before they bring you that batch of musical goodness, they’re giving you a taste with the release of their song “Simpler Times.”

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The track has an old soul feel to it, with simple guitar and drum lines mingling with a tightly arranged horn section evoking the sound of artists of the Stax era. Amid all that is singer Joanna Teters‘ smoky, emotional vocal. “Come back to me / I can’t eat, I can’t sleep / I want you near me,” she sings at the song’s beginning, setting the tone for the lovelorn lyrics to come. And when the horns begin to build from a quiet ache to loud and heartbroken, her vocal stays strong and clear rather than shy away. But just as it can be loud and brash, her vocal returns to a soft dulcet sound by song’s end, resigning to a breathy sigh and admitting love’s defeat.

“Simpler Times” will be included on the Break Me Free EP along with a treasure trove of other selections for your listening pleasure. Look for that to arrive on June 30th. In the meantime and in-between time, take a listen to the song right here.

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