Kelly Clarkson Sweetens Rihanna's 'B***h Better Have My Money'


In the spirit of covering hip hop tracks and making them, ahem, just a little cleaner (see Ed Sheeran's "Trap Queen"), Kelly Clarkson popped into BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge to sing her rendition of Rihanna's latest hit "B***h Better Have My Money." Infusing it her brand of soulful, bluesy rock, Kelly stood her ground throughout the entire song sans curse words. Kelly gets a little help from two background singers who harmonize with the songstress at the end of each line, and move in unison with minimal guitar and keys. Unlike our girl RiRi, in this rendition Kelly is on a mission to sweetly collect her coins from everyone who hasn't paid up. Slowing it down just a tad with her sultry layer of bossiness, Kelly's version, with her powerful vocals, is so good we can't even be mad at her.

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So Kelly is not Rihanna, this we know, but she does bring something different to the edgy and high-energy track. While this would've been a hard single to cover for any other artist, and honestly, no one else should even try, we have to tip our hats to Kelly. We wonder if RiRi has anything to say about Kelly's cover, but you can be the judge when you watch her performance for yourself right here. Do you think Kelly would get her money at the end of this performance or nah?

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