Iman Europe & MUNDU Add Some Soul To James Blake's 'Wilhelm Scream'


Avant garde singer Iman Europe has impressed us before with her remake of Beyoncé’s “Mine” featuring Drake, proving that she knows how to take a song and make it her own. However, her latest effort might be her best yet. She’s teamed up with London-based singer MUNDU to transform the James Blake hit “Wilhelm Scream” into something with “a little soul and happiness to it.”

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What can we say about this remake except that this s**t knocks. Iman and MUNDU take turns repeating the singular verse of the song with all the chemistry of your favorite old school duet partners. While some of the haunting effects and guttural baseline that Blake used in his version are gone, the production work by RK Beat more than makes up for it with soulful instrumentation, rhythmic handclaps and sublime harmonies. Everything comes together like a fine wine and plays smoother than butter.

Instead of creating a straight up remake of the song, Iman Europe and MUNDU have finely crafted a cover that does justice to the original while standing on its own as something wholly new.  More insightful and reflective than solemn and hopeless, it is a nice groove that pays respects to the original but won't drag down your mood or the party.

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