Everything's 'Smooth Sailin'' For Leon Bridges


Texas bred singer-songwriter Leon Bridges has set the world ablaze with his rich, throwback soul sounds on songs like "River" and "Better Man." The talented — and Bounce-Worthy — Mr. Bridges is sure to continue the trend with his latest release, the laid-back, cool groove "Smooth Sailin'."

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The song finds Leon once again delving into the realms of '50s and '60s rock and soul while still including some modern flair to keep things fresh. With acoustic guitars and a rocking drummer holding things down for the most part, the singer uses his three minutes to make his case for riding shotgun next to the lady of his dreams. And if his sweet talking and this song's easy-going feel don't move her to say yes (and how can they not), then Leon sweetens the pot with a few splashes of electric guitar and saxophone, making this one smooth ride indeed. But the real star is Leon's vocal, which varies in texture here from ever-so-slightly raspy to buttery smooth depending on what's needed.

"Smooth Sailin'" is lifted from Coming Home, Leon's debut album, which will be coming your way this month on June 23rd. Kick back and listen to this effortless number and be sure to pre-order the entire album on iTunes now.

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