Masego Helps Us Celebrate 'Stevie' Wonder's 65th Birthday


The musical world is joining together today to celebrate the 65th birthday of Stevie Wonder, someone whom many would call a musical messiah and pioneer of R&B music. Artists from various countries and spanning across many different genres all hail Stevie and his extensive discography as the holy grail, and appropriately so. In honor of his extravagantly wonderful life and sound, native Virginian and jazz newcomer Masego has released an impressive tribute EP called Stevie just in time for today's party celebration.

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Presented by Artistic Manifesto, Masego utilizes his skills as a vocalist, saxophonist and producer to highlight some of Stevie's best material, including "All I Do," "Isn't She Lovely" and "Ribbon In the Sky." While The TrapHouseJazz Band lends a hand in getting the soiree started on “All I Do,” this effort’s best showing comes in just as the project ends and Masego offers up an extra funky rendition of “Ribbon In the Sky” on “Woooo That Ribbon!” There’s something really special about the way that the young creative finesses this 1982 GRAMMY Award-winning song that will blow you away.

Jump into this sweet celebration of the legend that we all love, and be sure to check out more of Masego’s work, including his fun new single “Girls That Dance” on SoundCloud now.

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