Listen To How starRo Flips Rihanna's 'Money'


Rihanna's been on everyone lips after her appearance at this week's Met Gala in a fur-trimmed, lemon yellow confection of a dress. But while her fashion sense is making headlines, RiRi also has an album coming soon. Her single "B***h Better Have My Money" caused a stir when it first arrived on the scene back in March, though it seems to have peaked at #17 on the Billboard charts. However, that doesn't mean the single doesn't still have some legs, especially when someone like starRo puts his magic touch on it.

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The producer and remixer softens the track's harder trap edges with spacy synths while adding a percolating drum loop to keep some of that edge intact. Meanwhile, Rihanna's slightly abrasive, but surely aggressive, vocal cuts through loud and clear as she demands that she be paid what she's owed. The balance struck between the calm and the ratchet here is a difficult one to manage, but somehow starRo walks that fine line damn near flawlessly and even gives a full minute of his groove after the Rihanna's vocal drops out for good measure.

If you weren't a fan of Rih's original, then starRo's take might be more up your alley. Even better, he won't be asking you to have his money, as he's offering this one for free.

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