Lianne La Havas Exudes Beauty & Grace In 'Unstoppable'


What do you do when you release one of the most lush and lovely R&B songs of the year? If you're British songstress Lianne La Havas, you release an equally beautiful video. After giving us the enticing and endearing "Unstoppable," the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Blood, Lianne has dropped the video for the song in our laps.

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Instead of complicating things with sets and props, Lianne keeps things relatively simple for the clip, eschewing dancers or even an actor playing a romantic interest. Instead, we get just Lianne in what appears to be a dance conservatory. It's an appropriate setting because Lianne shows a graceful penchant for dance, a talent we never knew she had. She gets her modern dance on throughout the four-minute clip, switching from one gorgeously flowy jumpsuit to another and making it all look so effortless. And then, it all ends as simply as it began, with Lianne singing breathily into a boom mic above her, the recording turned down so you can hear the beauty of her raw voice. With her curly tendrils expertly coiffed, her makeup done impeccably and this swoon-worthy groove backing her, we can't help but fall in love with Lianne all over again for the millionth time. And, once you get a peek at this breathtaking visual, she'll steal your heart again, too.

Blood will hit stores on July 31st, but the beauty that is the "Unstoppable" clip is here for your viewing pleasure right now.

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