It’s A New ‘Dawning’ For Six Minutes ‘Til Sunrise


Have you ever looked back on a talented classmate and wondered what they were up to? I had a moment like that concerning a former college buddy whom I had the pleasure of getting to know during my tumultuous freshman year. A talented singer, I always knew that she was destined for greatness. Fast forward 15 years (sheesh) and someone happened to send me a link to Houston-based R&B trio Six Minutes ’til Sunrise‘s maxi-single, The Dawning. And upon hearing the opening track, “Let It Flow,” I was pleasantly surprised to hear the one-of-a-kind voice of Tanika Keys along with fellow bandmates Ron John and Shawn Taylor. And you will be, too, when you check out The Dawning.

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The group’s harmonies and style are reminiscent of a time when R&B was more about the talent and less about the look. Each track on the set is wrapped in laid-back production heavy on the mellow groove. The musical canvas allows the vocals of the group to blend beautifully. With members taking turns on leads for each song, the trio’s chemistry is evident. “Let It Flow” is a dreamy number that tells the story of a chance meeting that becomes something more as sparks fly. Meanwhile, “Holiday” finds them planning a lovers’ retreat over a chill R&B soundbed that’s perfect for snuggling up with your honey. Rapper Kay delivers verses on both tracks, giving them a bit of street cred without veering too far from the songs’ feel. But they saved the best for last with closer “More.” It’s a bold number that finds them requesting just a bit more than what’s being offered from their lover over a smoothed-out R&B vibe reminiscent of the sounds of the mid-’90s.

The Dawning is an impressive introduction to those unfamiliar with Six Minutes ’til Sunrise and yet another amazing offering for all those already in the know. We are without a doubt indebted to Rappers I Know for introducing them to the masses. Take a listen to the set right here and be sure to grab the free download and share the group with your friends.

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