Free Your Mind To Create Some 'Headroom' For Van Hunt


Ever since Van Hunt first announced his fifth album The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets was in the works, we've been happily following his trail of breadcrumbs, waiting for the big payoff. We instantly loved the audio and visuals for "Vega (stripes on)" and "Old Hat," followed by the audio for "Teach Me a New Language."

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Well, yesterday saw the official release of the album. As if that wasn't good enough, Mr. Hunt treated fans with the video for "Headroom" as well. Unlike the previous singles, which were groove-worthy thanks to funky guitar and commanding percussion, "Headroom" is a completely different type of jam, slow and minimalist in its approach. The sparse visuals, directed by Two Sips, allow us to focus on the emotionally raw and introspective lyrics delivered flawlessly by the singer.

After viewing the video, be sure to head over to iTunes or Amazon to purchase your copy of The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets today.

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