Sip On Tiffany Evans' 'Red Wine'


Tiffany Evans has been drinking and the liquor got her thinking on her new song "Red Wine." The young songstress is sitting at home with dinner made and looking like dessert, but she's waiting in vain on her bae who is nowhere to be found at midnight. Tiffany is knee deep in her feelings, and the red wine that she's sipping on got her tripping. Her mind is running a marathon and long jumping to all kinds of conclusions. Tiffany's so-called man finally slithers in at five in the morning and she's pissed to the highest level of pissivity, but she's so loose off the juice and he's looking so fine that he's easily forgiven.

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"Red Wine" is the second single from Tiffany Evans' forthcoming EP, which will be released in May on her own independent imprint. Coupled with "Baby Don't Go," this EP is sounding so far so good.

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