Lianne La Havas Proves That She Is Still 'Unstoppable'


Just yesterday we celebrated the announcement of Lianne La Havas’ forthcoming sophomore album Blood, and now she is already gracing us with the soundtrack to this summer with her lead single “Unstoppable.” If this song is any indication of what this album will sound like, Lianne will surely be lacing us with some extravagantly lush R&B sounds this July.

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While “Unstoppable” is built upon an instrumental recording provided by The Invisible, the magic of this album opener is where Lianne’s vocal and lyrical growth meet and create a glorious listening experience. “There’s nothing else left holding us down / It’s just gravitational / We are unstoppable,” she sings. This beautiful tune is about a rekindling a romance and reviving a relationship that was once dead. If you aren’t careful, Lianne and this groove just may have you calling up an old flame and trying to find a way to get that old thing back. Before you make that mistake, make a better decision and head over to iTunes to pre-order Blood and immediately get your copy of this stunning new single “Unstoppable.”

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