Kindred The Family Soul & Their Kids Get Animated In 'Momma Said Clean Up'


Our favorite husband and wife duo Kindred the Family Soul are getting their kids in the mix with their latest endeavor. The musical couple have six children together, and the entire fam has gotten animated in a cartoon video for the song "Momma Said Clean Up." The track can be found on their last album A Couple Friends, and it was a brief interlude that featured their three oldest kids singing an impromptu song about cleaning up the house.

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Now that catchy little ditty has been taken to the next level with these animated visuals by Konee Rok. We see Aja and Fatin taking their three youngest for a drive and leaving their oldest son in charge with a list of what needs to be cleaned in the house. He's overwhelmed by the piles of laundry and stacks of dishes and enlists his sisters to help. Team work makes the dream work, and they get their chores done in no time. The rest of the family comes home from the grocery store and are so shocked at everything sparking and squeaky clean that they break out into a celebration. In the midst of their break dancing and reverie (peep Aja and Fatin spinning on their heads like members of the Rock Steady Crew), it turns out that it was all a dream -- and those chores still need to be done.

The "Momma Said Clean Up" clip will strike a nostalgic chord in everyone, and it's actually a teaser for a full animated series that is currently in development. Kindred the Family Soul and their kids will be brought to life on the small screen in what is described as a cross between Fat Albert and the Jackson 5 cartoons. The series will focus on family values, life lessons and music, of course, complete with funny characters based on this musical family. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what develops.

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