CHIC Takes Youngsters To ‘The Old School’

CHIC Back In The Old School Still

The release of CHIC’s “I’ll Be There” and news of the accompanying EP of the same name had us on a high surely not felt since the days of Studio 54. But we’ve been thirsting for more from Nile Rodgers ever since he helped Daft Punk “Get Lucky,” and the “B-side” to “I’ll Be There” — “Back in the Old School” — delivers faster than Domino’s.

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A short clip for the song has just been revealed, and it looks like it poaches images from the Evian Roller Babies commercials from several years back. “Hmmm,” the mind goes, as the visuals are interesting at best, but not entirely off base. In the Evian commercials, the tots bounce, skate, rock and roll to The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” which we all know borrows lovingly from CHIC’s “Good Times.” Plus it could be a knock toward modern dance music, showing “the future” eschewing the sounds of EDM for the throwback nostalgia of a CHIC record.

Of course, that may not be true given a particularly insightful blog entry from Rodgers. “Side-B, is a song called ‘Back In The Old School,’ about the disco movement and the liberating escapades of that time. ‘Back In The Old School’ is a subliminal statement about dance music. Though most current dance music is electronic, live bands like CHIC and dj’s, co-exist very well, just as the disco movement brought disparate peoples together. Dance musicians are the lower link on the musical food chain, we’re stronger united than divided.”

Well put and a message we can be down with, even if we’re not likely to rush to watch the clip again anytime soon. Then again, that bass line …

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