Alabama Shakes Explore 'Sound & Color' In Outer Space


The Alabama Shakes are back with Sound & Color, their experimental sophomore set that finds the group expanding beyond the sound of their debut. The title track of the album, a somber introspective cut, gets an unexpected video treatment that also explores new frontiers, namely space.

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Based on a concept by frontwoman Brittany Howard, the video finds a man waking up on a spaceship after a long hibernation. Disoriented, he stumbles around a bit while attempting to get his bearings. As the clip goes on, we're shown flashes of his memories, which include tender moments with his wife and child. However, there's a sense of tension there, especially when we see his troubled face. While charting his course to a mystery planet, he realizes far too late that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong and is left to deal with his fate.

While the song already sets the tone of the clip, the visual definitely captures the solitude and loneliness of the song expertly. A space shuttle might not be the first thing you think of when hearing the song, but the video shows that the song and its concept are, without a doubt, universal. Watch the cinematic clip right here and be sure to pick up Alabama Shakes latest, which is in stores now.

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