Slum Village & Phife Dawg Join Forces To 'Push It Along'


Slum Village recently teamed up with A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg to deliver their new single "Push It Along." If it sounds familiar it's because it is -- the single is inspired by ATCQ's original track of the same name. The collaboration has perfect synergy since both groups have been linked together for years through the late producer J Dilla. With a Detroit-inspired sound, the Young RJ-produced single highlights T3, Young RJ and the late Baatin's signature smooth rhymes along with Phife's effortless storytelling on top of a soulful hip-hop beat. While each emcee takes their turns rapping, the boom bap in the background gives the track a slower pace that gives you no indication the track is only three minutes long.

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Slum Village is gearing up for their upcoming album, Yes, which debuts this spring and will feature guest spots from the likes of Chance The Rapper, Jon Connor, De La Soul, Dilla, Black Milk and more. T3 and Young RJ just started a tour with Pete Rock this week, which lands in DC tonight. If you're in the mood for some soulful hip-hop, listen to "Push It Along" right here.

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