MNEK Pours Out His Heart In 'Suddenly'


We've been singing the praises of British wunderkind MNEK for what seems like forever now. With the release of his latest single, "Suddenly," those praises won't be slowing down any time soon either. Though we are more familiar with his bouncy, '80s-influenced tracks, he slows things down with this slow-burning, dreamy ballad. The song still stays true to his throwback sound, with "Suddenly" calling up the harmonies found on early Boyz II Men works.

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Released in anticipation of his Small Talk EP, which he announced back in February, MNEK revealed that the song is one of the few he's ever penned that was based on real life events. Inspired by a chance meeting when he was 18 that resulted in some intimate moments shared at a nightclub, the song centers on the disappointment that followed once he realized that the encounter was a road to nowhere. "They led me on to think it was the start of something but then I got friend-zoned cos 'it's a crazy time in their career right now,' he explained. "It left me a bit dark inside for a minute, and it led me to write this song."

While the inspiration may have come from a less-than-ideal situation, the resulting song is a beautiful ballad that gives MNEK's voice a chance to soar in a way that will leave you aching for more. We'd never wish pain or disappointment on any one, however in this case, MNEK's hurt is definitely music to our ears.

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