MNEK Delivers 'More Than A Miracle'


Praise MNEK! When the young masetro announced the release of his Small Talk EP, we at SoulBounce HQ collectively rejoiced. And along with news of the mini-album came a track list that revealed two songs with which we weren't familiar: the tear-jerking "Suddenly" and the up-tempo, party jam "More Than a Miracle."

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OK, it may be unfair to relegate "More Than a Miracle" to the dance floor based solely on a beat filled with hip-hop, bass and late-'90s/early-'00s pop elements — though those do plenty to make toes tap and heads nod.

But "More Than a Miracle" also tells the tale of a love lost. "That shattered glass broken on the floor / Is like my hand linking into yours / To get us back to where we were before / It's gonna take more than a miracle," he sings throughout the chorus, later adding religious and deeper meanings to what it will take for the pair to heal: "Baby, your touch will never be the same / Only a higher power can stop the rain / For my blood to give any more / It's gonna take more than a miracle."

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Torn on how to feel after listening to this track? Join the club, as it's at once a feel-good invitation to dance but doubles as a heartbreaking goodbye to love. It's heartbreak on vinyl at its finest and another notch in MNEK's seemingly endless stream of intriguing and exciting cuts.

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