Jodeci Is 'Checkin For You,' But Are You Checkin' For Them?


For better or worse, Jodeci's back and they're not slowing down their promotional train any time soon -- as a matter of fact it's speeding up with the impending release of their upcoming album, The Past, The Present, The Future. The R&B group recently dropped a frosty music video for their second single "Every Moment," and now they're giving us another ballad in the form of "Checkin For You." If nothing else, you know you'll get a pure romantic ambiance whenever Jodeci sings as they stay true to their established personas, delivered via signature raspy vocals. Each member takes turns wooing a significant other with the sweetest lyrics singing, "I want you to know / That I enjoy your show / You have the brightest glow / You shine right through my window."

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The group can't wait to see you, and they prove it by flexing their runs by the end of the track. If you're trying to seduce someone or rekindle a situation-ship, enlist the help of Jodeci who clearly have all the right words and vocals. The Past, The Present, The Future is due in stores on March 31st, and you can pre-order it and their latest singles on iTunes. Press play on "Checkin For You" right here, and let us know if you're checkin' for the vintage R&B group after you listen.

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