Do You Say 'Yeauh' Or 'Nawl' To The Husel?

The Husel Black Throne

Sometimes ridiculous things happen. And when they do, we're here to let you know how ridiculous they are. Musiq Soulchild's alter ego The Husel showed up on our doorstep last year, and we've been trying to un-hear his Auto-Tune-laced songs ever since. Well, our attempts were futile because the singer-turnt-punchline is back with his latest single, "Yeauh." The song, produced by J Troy, is a mid-tempo track that sounds like a mixture of every club track on the radio right now with The Husel's lyrics on top of it. What he calls "urban new age" music is what we call a weak attempt at reinventing oneself as a new artist. Honestly, the beat isn't bad and the lyrics are average at best, but the concept of it all leaves us scratching our heads. The Husel sings (or something of that nature), "I'm talking 'bout every day 'bout every night / We don't take no breaks out this hustle life / We just out here tryna eat / And keep on these lights...."

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We're not sure if he can keep on the lights with this track, but The Husel will release his EP, which includes previously released singles "Grindin," "Generate" and "Greatest," on March 31st. He'll also release live versions of each single, videos and two other bonus tracks. Somehow, someway, his debut album, Husel Music, debuts May 5th and includes guests Pastor Troy, Bone Crusher, Cash Out, T-Pain (of course) and more. If you're also wondering what part of the game this is or just curious to see how much Auto-Tune you can stand before saying "Aw hell nawl," listen to "Yeauh" right here and check out the rest of his music on SoundCloud if you dare.

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