CHIC Wants You To ‘Be There’ For Their Return

Chic Nile Rodgers I'll Be There Still

Ever since he appeared on Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky” in 2013, we haven’t been able to get enough of Nile Rodgers‘ resurgence. But when we heard later that year that Nile’s comeback would include new CHIC material, SBHQ went into high alert. And, after getting to hear the first new CHIC single in decades, we were right to do so.

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“I’ll Be There” is a funky romp that will instantly bring to mind visions of disco’s heyday (or for those of us who weren’t alive to experience it firsthand, memories of clips and music from that era). A collaboration with house music duo The Martinez Brothers, “I’ll Be There” is built on one of Nile’s signature funky guitar riffs, giving it that classic CHIC feel. But the infusion of house and dance elements blows the dust of this record (a throwback from a Sister Sledge recording session) and brings it into 2015.

Likewise, the track’s music video nods to the past while bringing us into the present. We see model Karlie Kloss vibing to the song while listening to it and watching a vintage Soul Train episode that features the legendary group. But soon dancing all alone isn’t enough, and Karlie throws on her best party wear to go and shake that groove thang at a nightclub where CHIC’s newest incarnation happens to be playing, with Nile front and center, of course.

“I’ll Be There” is definitely one hot little number, and it’s also available right now on iTunes. As well, Nile and CHIC are performing a concert in London to celebrate the single’s release today at 5 p.m. ET. So check out the video right here and then click here to make sure you witness what will surely be a show to remember.

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